Faith Farm
Quarterhorses & Paints
Located in Brevard, North Carolina
Home of Mr Justice Jack
Own son of Two Eyed Jack
Faith Farm is the home of Two Eyed Jack son, Mr Justice Jack.  We
are located in the breath taking mountains of Western North
Carolina.  We  have been raising quarter horses and paints for over
20 years.  The name of the farm came from the very start when
looking at the farm.  My father Darrell Hooper, saw the old dairy farm
in the community of Little River and knew that the love my brother
Richie and I had for horses could be continued and grow on the
farm.  My family had to sell our home first and had a couple looking
at it.  The couple had decided to look at our current home one more
time, but it was storming something awful and the view that entised
the couple could not be seen.  As the couple approached the long
drive to the house, God looked down and laid his hand on our family
and opened the clouds and allowed beautiful beams of sun to shine
down on the house and the view.  All it took was the couple to
approach the house, they got out and looked at the breathtaking
view and said we want it.   My family  believes that without the faith
in God, we would have never got to move to the farm, and thus the
farm in Little River is called Faith Farm.
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Ty & Alison Batson
75 East Main Street
Brevard, NC 28712