Faith Farm family
This is me at our 2005 awards banquet
for the CRHA
Cole & Baldy waiting to go into
Walk-Trot 12 & Under at
ARHA 2006 World Show
Dad is waiting to watch his little man
and is favorite horse go in the ring.
Cole did so well for his first
world show.  Baldy a APHA 15
yr gelding and is a head, heel
and calf horse.
Baldy is not only a rope horse but looks like he
is a ranch horse too.
Cole and Baldy won the
Walk-Trot 12 & Under
ARHA 2006 World Champion
Walk-Trot !2 & Under
Baldy comes through again
Dustin & Baldy
3rd Ranch Riding 13 & Under
ARHA 2006 World Show
Now it is Dustin & Baldy's turn in Ranch
Riding 13 & Under
Baldy & Dustin getting ready to go in the Ranch Roping Class at T. Ed Garrison Arena at Clemson, SC  May 20 & 21 2006
Ty & Baldy in All Age Team
Roping Heading.
Fastest Time and placed
4th in the world.
Ty roped for Delza Noble, Shoe
N Ranch, Mnt. City Tn in All
Age Heeling for first place
This is Mr. Darrell Hooper himself.  
He is the one that pays the bills
around here and keeps everybody
straight.  We love you dad!!!!!
TJ is the baby of the Hooper clan.  
He is not much into horse but is
always there to help get up hay.
John Gasque is our barn hand, he
always knows what is going on.  
Get to work John!!!!!!
This crew is Dustin, Cole and
their cousin Shane.  
The Tree Amigos
Mama Karen was the heart of
the farm.   We miss and love
you mama, you are ALWAYS
on our mind and in our hearts.

Karen G Hooper, October 12, 1995
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Ty & Alison Batson
102 East Main Street
Brevard, NC 28712
Richie and Mindi Hooper,
Richie is the OLDEST of the
Hooper kids.  He is not a
cowboy anymore, he builds
motorcycles now.
In Loving Memory